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Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor Granular Chlorine quick dissolving, stabilized pool shock is effective for super chlorination or as a routine pool water sanitizer.


Fast dissolving and safe for use in all types of pools and spas, Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor Granular Chlorine Pool Shock is a great way to keep your pool or spa clean and sanitized. With 99% Sodium Dichlor active ingredient and 55% available chlorine, it’s a concentrated pool water sanitizer for maintenance use or super chlorination. Leslie’s Chlor Brite is known as a maintenance shock, ideal for daily or weekly use for a quick chlorine boost. It’s especially effective as a backup sanitizer for swimming pools using a saltwater chlorination system. Leslie’s Chlor Brite Sodium Dichlor Granular Chlorine Pool Shock dissolves rapidly, leaving no residue or bleaching on pool and spa interior surfaces. Dichlor also has stabilizer, protecting the chlorine from degradation from the sun’s UV rays. Whether using Leslie’s Chlor Brite as a maintenance shock or for superchlorination, it’s a quick and effective way to sanitize your pool and spa.

Active Ingredient: 99% Sodium Dichlor

Leslie’s Chlor Brite Chlorine Granular has the highest percentage of Sodium Dichlor available for a powerful sanitizing chlorine pool and spa shock. Some other pool and spa shocks have a lower percentage of active ingredient with a higher percentage of inert ingredients, reducing the amount of chlorine sanitizer that is ultimately added to your pool or spa.

55% Available Chlorine

With Leslie’s Chlor Brite, you get 55% available chlorine to kill bacteria and algae. Don’t settle for anything less when looking for a pool and spa shock to effectively treat problems like algae blooms and swimming accidents fast. As the chlorine dissolves in the water, it forms hypochlorous acid which is what kills and eradicates algae and bacteria.

Quick-Dissolving Chlorine Granular

Fast acting and dissolving, Leslie’s Chlor Brite gets to work as soon as it’s added to the water to get rid of bacteria and algae for an effective pool and spa sanitizer. It’s safe to use in all types of pool and spa interior surfaces such as pebble-tec, plaster, painted, fiberglass as well as above ground pools with a vinyl liner.

Stabilized Chlorine Granular Shock

UVA/UVB rays from the sun can rapidly deplete the chlorine that’s in the pool water. This degradation significantly decreases the longevity of the sanitizer which means having to add chlorine more frequently. Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor is stabilized, containing an ultraviolet inhibitor to help make sure the chlorine sanitizer stays in the water doing its job killing bacteria and algae.

Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor Chlorine Granular Pool and Spa Shock

To get rid of algae and attain clear water quickly, Leslie’s Chlor Brite Dichlor Pool and Spa Shock is an affordable way to keep your pool and spa water sanitized. Leslie’s Chlor Brite has the highest percentage of Sodium Dichlor active ingredient to destroy organic contaminants, kill bacteria and control algae. At Leslie’s, We Know Pools, and we are your best source for affordable pool shock.

Routine Usage Directions for Swimming Pools

  • Broadcast Leslie’s Chlor Brite evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool with the circulation pump running.
  • To prevent bleaching or damage to the pool surface, use a pool brush to disperse any granules that may have settled to the bottom of the pool.
  • Broadcast 3 ounces of Leslie’s Chlor Brite per 10,000 gallons of the pool water every other day, or as needed, to maintain a Free Available Chlorine (FAC) level of 1-4 ppm. This quantity may vary based upon bather load, water temperature and other conditions.
  • With a reliable test kit, test the Free Available Chlorine (FAC) level. If starting up the pool, repeat the dosage until the Free Available Chlorine level is 1-4 ppm.

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