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Leslie’s Debris Shield, Pack of 5 stretches easily over your skimmer basket, catching smaller dirt and debris before reaching the pool pump and filter.


Enjoy Finer Filtration and a Cleaner Pool with Debris Shields

Debris Shields are one of our bestselling products, and with good reason. These reusable bags slip over your pool skimmer basket and catch not just leaves, debris and bugs, but also dirt and small particles that the skimmer would usually let through. Simply place the bag over your skimmer basket and either rinse or replace when necessary.

Since Debris Shields catch so much more dirt than just using a skimmer by itself, your pool filter’s life is extended, and cleaning your filter less means you can cut down on maintenance time. Made of a durable nylon fabric, these bags come in packs of five and fit into your pool skimmer. They can be washed out and replaced as needed, saving hours of cleaning time.