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The Jacuzzi JCRX In-ground Robotic Cleaner features quad scrubbing brushes and powerful suction, scrubbing and vacuuming your entire pool for a premium clean.


The Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a plethora of equipment and features providing premium cleaning with less of the hassle. The quad rotating scrubbing brushes paired with powerful vacuum suction, allow for debris to be suspended for a longer-lasting suction and superior pool cleaning. The Jacuzzi JCRX Pool Cleaner’s tank treads don’t let anything get in its way, traversing pool surfaces and obstacles effortlessly. Along with the 60′ tangle-free swivel cord, the JCRX provides complete pool coverage and can maneuver around stairs, seats, and hit every corner with ease.

Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner Special Features

Jacuzzi’s JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner comes ready to tackle any challenge thrown at it with a handful of useful features. The Jacuzzi JCRX features a clear lid, making it easy to see the large capacity debris basket. A Leslie’s exclusive, a blue LED light illuminates the canister, helping you see when the debris filter canister is full. For stress-free operation, the Control Box allows you to select between two cleaning modes, floor only and floor, walls, waterline for a complete clean.

Quick & Easy Clean-Up

The Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with an extra-large easy-to-see filter canister basket. Using the Easy Lift Removal System, the JCRX robotic cleaner surfaces to the pool side of your choosing and waits for you to grab it. Once you can retrieve it from the pool, it automatically evacuates all water for effortless removal. Never have to touch debris again with the Jacuzzi JCRX. When the debris canister is full and it’s time to clean, just pop the lid open on the JCRX and remove the canister holding all the leaves, dirt, and debris it has collected. To clean, it’s as simple as a shake and spray with a garden hose, and the filter canister is ready for its next cleaning journey. The Jacuzzi JCRX comes complete with a Premium cleaner caddy to conveniently transport and store the Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Cleaner minimizing lifting. It’s compact design tucks away the cleaner nicely, ready for its next clean.

With the Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner, experience a new level of clean for your inground swimming pool.


How long is the cord that comes with the robotic cleaner?

  • The Jacuzzi JCRX comes with a 60ft tangle-free swivel cord.

What types of pool surfaces is the Jacuzzi JCRX Robotic Pool Cleaner able to clean?

  • The Jacuzzi JCRX is compatible with all in-ground pool surface types.

Why is the cabling tangling in the pool?

  • Verify the floating cable enters the water near the middle of the pool length. Spread all of the floating cable carefully in the pool, ensuring there are no kinks or coils. Ensure the cable is not too tightly wrapped or coiled when storing. If the problem persists, lay the cable straight in the sun to relax it and remove kinks. Follow the procedure in Cord Tangling found in the manual to avoid and correct tangled cord.